Local Buying Tips

Buying and Selling In Lake County can be a challenge if you don’t have a expert to assist you in the process!

It is so important that you have an agent that will work for you with the ability to negotiate your offer to get the deal accepted!

Loans and special government funded loans are also available for some areas in Lake county to encourage growth in the community.

As a Lake County Real Estate Expert I can provide you upto date info on Homes for sale and the Local Loan Programs and Natural Hazard Info with the Local disclosures you need to to be in the know as a buyer or seller.

Most homes that are sold in Lake County are bought by families that are relocating, retirees or Vacation Home Buyers.

Lake County is the Largest Natural Lake in California. Many Homes offer amazing views or lake front access. 

I hope I get the chance to work with you and show you the Lake County Real Estate market at its BEST!